Semi-Skilled Workers are available for companies who have skills gaps and have additional workforce needs. Semi-skilled labour visas can be obtained for workers in areas where there are skills shortages and in regional and remote areas, where companies have issues attracting and keeping employees.

Semi Skilled labour does not require advanced training or specialized skills, but it does require more skills than an unskilled labour job. People who perform semi-skilled labour usually have some high-school experience and good English language skills as a minimum. The types of skills necessary for this are not complex but usually include the ability to monitor and perform repetitive tasks. These types of skills are more likely to be transferable and useful in other jobs.

Semi-skilled work requires paying attention to detail or protecting against risks. Semi-skilled work requires some training or education.

A few examples of these types of jobs include:

  • truck drivers
  • retail salespersons
  • bartenders
  • security guards.
  • waiter/waitress
  • laundry operator
  • aged care assistant

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