IMS can provide Skilled Workers to meet the demands of your business. Skilled labour refers to workers who have specialized training or skills. These laborers are capable of exercising judgment and have knowledge of the particular trade or industry they work. People who perform skilled labour will most likely have a trade qualification or higher education.

There are different skills lists available dependant on the country of engagement, and different visa arrangements.

IMS can assist to source and mobilise skilled labour for workforce needs across most industries.

Examples of these types of Industries include:

  • Trades- plumbing, building, etc
  • Health, welfare and aged care
  • Electrical
  • Building and construction
  • Engineering
  • Business and accounting
  • Architect
  • Environmental
  • Teaching and Education
  • Medical practitioners
  • ICT
  • Multimedia and software
  • Law and legal
  • Psychologist
  • Telecommunications
  • Mechanic
  • Sheetmetal and welding
  • Fitter and metal machinist
  • Carpenter and joiner
  • Chef

The demand for skilled labour jobs continues to grow as the need for specialized skills becomes more and more necessary.

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